Who Can Purchase/Use TLCC?

Anyone! You can purchase TLCC for yourself, a friend or family member, or to donate. 

Where Do I Purchase TLCC?

The cards can be purchased online or in-person from William & Associates Counselling Services.

Where Can I Use The Local Counselling Card (TLCC)?

The Local Counselling Card may be used for accessing affordable counselling from any participating counsellor.  Please check our directory for a full list of participating counsellors www.counsellingcard.com.

How Do I Use TLCC?

TLCC is used as a form of payment with any participating counsellor to help remove the financial barriers of accessing mental health services. Simply inform the counsellor that you will be using TLCC and they will know how to proceed.

How Can I Support TLCC?

If your counselling is covered but you love the idea of sponsoring counselling for someone else you have two options.

  • Online via the 1 Million Campaign – all donation made to the 1 Million Campaign will be distributed throughout the community as preloaded TLCC.
  • In person at William & Associcates Counselling Services – all money applied to TLCC via William & Associates Counselling Services will be applied towards the 1 Million Campaigns goals.

Will Any Counsellor Take TLCC?

In short, “No”.  Each counsellor listed has completed an application and vetting process to ensure they comply with professional standards of practice.  These counsellors already offer low fee or sliding scale services and accepting TLCC is simply an extension of that commitment to promoting accessible mental health services for everyone.

What If The Counsellor I Tried Wasn’t A Good Fit?

Please try again!  Finding a therapeutic relationship that works for you is the foundation for change.  Please refer back to our list of participating counsellors and select a different one.

Will Anyone Know If/When I Accessed Counselling?

Your purchase and usage details are private and confidential. Only you and the counsellor you see will ever know you were there. 

Is There A Limit On The Number of Sessions?

TLCC has no limits on the number of sessions you can access.  Please note: individual counsellors may limit the number of low-fee sessions they are able to offer.  Connect with your chosen counsellor for more information.

What Do You Mean By Low-Fee Counselling?

According to TLCC Initiative, low fee counselling means your session fee will not go above $60. The specific price per session is defined by each individual counsellor. 

What Do You Mean By Sliding-Scale Counselling?

According to TLCC initiative, sliding scale counselling means a fee based on your monthly income and your chosen counsellor’s standard rates.  We cannot guarantee these rates meet our low-fee criteria.

Does TLCC Expire?

The funds on TLCC never expire.

Can I Redeem TLCC For Cash?

The Local Counselling Cards are non-refundable and may not be redeemed for cash at any time.

Is TLCC Re-loadable?

Not at this time. We will be moving to a re-loadable card in the near future.

Can I Spend More Than The Value On TLCC?

TLCC can be combined with another form of payment to complete a purchase. Be sure to notify the counsellor  before they process your payment to ensure they are able to complete a split payment transaction.

What Happens If My TLCC Is Lost Or Stolen?

Notify TLCC via email. Lost or stolen cards may not be replaced without adequate proof of purchase (original gift card receipt), and the corresponding gift card number. Please treat TLCC as cash, if it is lost or stolen there is the possibility of the card being used by someone other than yourself. TLCC cannot refund any lost funds but unused funds can be transferred to a new card for a fee of $5.00 (price does not include shipping if applicable).

What Is The Maximum I Can Purchase?

TLCC can be purchased between $30-$500. Your total purchase may not exceed $2999.99

How Do I Keep Track Of My Balance?

You can check the balance at www.getmybalance.com or by calling 1-800-755-0085. You can also write in your latest balance in the space provided on the back of the card.

Questions? Inquiries? Let Us Know!

The Local Counselling Card can be reached via email hello@counsellingcard.com

Initiative Collaborators

Mental health professionals listed on this site have been vetted to ensure they are registered with a regulatory body and thus qualified to offer clinical services. If your experience of therapy is unsatisfactory due primarily to a poor fit between you and your counsellor, please – try again. If you believe your counsellor has violated Professional Standards of Practice or committed a Code of Ethics’ violation, you must make a complaint to that counsellor’s professional association or regulatory body. The Local Counselling Card does not govern, oversee, or in any other way manage, or regulate the professionals listed here.