Working Together to Increase Access to Mental Health Services

The Local Counselling Card is a gift card with the sole purpose of accessing affordable counselling.

This initiative was created to help reduce wait times and increase access to affordable counselling for those in need.

While increasing awareness and keeping the conversation going around the importance of taking care of our mental health.

The recipient of the card can choose from a list of participating counsellors to ensure they find one that works for them.

Counselling Sessions Provided


Initiative Collaborators

William & Associates Counselling Services

Our Why

In a perfect and just world, mental health counselling would be covered as a part of ‘health’ under the medical system, but since it’s not, we are committed to the principle that mental health services should be available when needed at a cost that is sustainable. Providing low fee, low barrier therapy is our willing investment in the health of our community.

You Are Collective

Our Why

You Are Collective started as a way to create change and make a difference. We (Michael and Rebecca) had been living through our own separate mental health journey’s and noticed an immense lack of support and understanding. The stories of people waiting months for care sounded unimaginable, until we waited more than a month and a half to receive our first covered counseling appointment. No one should have to wait that long to get the help they need.

The Local Gift Card

Our Why

The Local Gift Card CCC is all about supporting the local community.  Our main focus is We believe that having access to accessible and affordable mental health services is an important part of a healthy community.  No one should have to wait months to access counselling.  It should be part of our everyday health plan. Until then, TLCC is excited to help reduce wait times and increase the number of people accessing the help they need when they need it. 

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Mental health professionals listed on this site have been vetted to ensure they are registered with a regulatory body and thus qualified to offer clinical services. If your experience of therapy is unsatisfactory due primarily to a poor fit between you and your counsellor, please – try again. If you believe your counsellor has violated Professional Standards of Practice or committed a Code of Ethics’ violation, you must make a complaint to that counsellor’s professional association or regulatory body. The Local Counselling Card does not govern, oversee, or in any other way manage, or regulate the professionals listed here.
The Local Counselling Card and are not monitored 24/7. If you need immediate support please call your local crisis line, 1-833-456-4566, or 911 in an emergency.